Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Health & Wellness

The Importance of Preventive Care in the Hispanic Community in the US

Hispanics are becoming the largest minority group in the United States. The Latino population comprises about 16% of the United States population and is...

La importancia del Cuidado Preventivo en la Comunidad Hispana de EEUU

Los hispanos se están convirtiendo en el grupo minoritario más grande de los Estados Unidos. La población latina comprende alrededor del 16% de la...

CIMA International Women Services

CIMA continues to provide quality professional women services at its two metro Atlanta locations.We are committed to ensuring that all pregnant mothers receive the...

Nexus Wellness 

Nexus Wellness offers health and wellness coaching services in Ormond Beach, Florida. We serve the adult population in Volusia county and online. Nexus Wellness is dedicated to sustainability at all times, both as an individual and as a health coaching...

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