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Growing Diversity in Our Workforce

The path to growing diversity in our workforce starts with understanding the needs and perspectives of underrepresented job seekers we hope to hire and support. To build awareness and inspire action, Mathison and Latin Insights partnered to launch our inaugural Diversity Hiring Report.

For more than two decades, Latin Insights has used state-of-the-art market and opinion research to help Fortune 1000 firms, major nonprofits, political leaders and others refine and achieve their strategic objectives and communications. With particular expertise in multicultural affairs, it advises clients on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and related issues.

The 2021 report DEI Is All the Rage. So Why Are We Failing by Latin Insights studied nearly 500 job seekers from underrepresented communities to explore the challenges faced, gaps in hiring, unique viewpoints and tangible ways employers can shift their hiring practices. The study aims to heighten the awareness that builds support for the vulnerable communities we seek to empower. View the full report.

“In a generation or less, the workforce will be a New Majority of minority groups. Communities that are currently not in the mainstream will become a collective consumer colossus. Organizations that hire now for that future will be leaders in global markets.”


Key Findings

Diversity Efforts are Crucial but not visible to Job Seekers
81% of underrepresented job seekers believe it’s important for employers to invest in diversity but only 6% have clarity on employers’ diversity goals or efforts based on what they observe in the hiring process.

Diversity is Seen as a Disadvantage to Many
Half of underrepresented job seekers (50%) believe being from an underrepresented community is a disadvantage.

Job Seekers Face Significant Bias in the Hiring Process
62% of underrepresented job seekers report they have experienced bias or been treated differently in the hiring process.

There is a Major Need to Focus on Fair & Representative Interviews
For 76% of underrepresented job seekers have observed a lack of diversity on interview panels; 67% reported completing an interview and never receiving feedback. 74% of job seekers report never being offered an informational interview.

Marcela Miguel Berland and Frank Gómez point to five factors driving the continued lack of diversity at the leadership level. Marcela Miguel Berland is the founder and CEO of NYC-based research and communications firm Latin Insights. Reach her at Frank Gómez, a veteran Latino activist and former corporate executive, is her longtime partner. 

“If organizations truly want a diverse and inclusive culture, they need to start with the hiring process and later provide underrepresented employees the right support to excel in the workplace.”

Marcela M. Berland, President

Actions Employers Can Take to Empower All Job Seekers

Make your Diversity Efforts and Goals Visible
Be proactive in communicating your diversity commitment, goals and progress to job seekers. Even if you are early in this process, it will go a long way in building awareness of how serious you are about welcoming everyone into your organization.

Assess your Entire Hiring Process for Potential Bias
Be intentional about assessing each step of your hiring process to determine where you have room to improve accessibility, reduce bias and develop more inclusive experiences for job seekers. You can leverage Mathison’s Equal Hiring Index and learn more here:

Focus Efforts on Fair and Representative Interviews
Make your interviews a fair and empowering experience for job seekers by ensuring everyone follows a structured approach, you have diverse interview panels, a system to provide feedback to everyone who completes an interview. Consider offering informational interviews as an option to job seekers who want to informally learn more about your organization.

Make Salary Ranges Transparent to All Upfront
Be proactive in communicating salary ranges upfront and early in the hiring process to job seekers. Make sure your hiring teams are equipped with this information so there are no surprises for job seekers late in the process. Take the opportunity to correct pay gaps that you observe when crafting your job offers. You have the chance to elevate those who have been historically underpaid.

Connect New Hires to Onboarding Support & Mentorship
Ensure your new hires feel empowered and supported as they start their new opportunity with you. Proactively communicate and offer support to new hires in the time leading up to starting the new job. Work to connect new hires to mentorship opportunities and sponsorship from your organization’s leaders. These will go a long way in helping team members grow and advance in your organization.


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