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Julio Aviles: From Fourth Generation Baker to Founder of A&A Baking Solutions

Julio Aviles, Founder and Roberto Aviles, Co-Founder of A&A Baking Solutions, were interviewed by BAKERpedia’s Thursday Thought Leadership. Julio talks about his background and how he manages to help small and growing bakeries. Julio’s company focuses on providing equipment solutions for small to mid-sized bakeries, a group that is often overlooked by other providers.

Julio is a fourth-generation baker, and his family has been involved in bakery-related businesses since the 1800s. He moved to the US from Puerto Rico in 2006 and worked for several notable companies, including Puratos, as a technical advisor. He learned about enzymes and later crossed paths with a client who needed equipment, which led to the founding of A&A Baking Solutions.

When asked about how he navigated the challenge of not knowing English when he arrived in the US, Julio said, “It was a very tough part actually, the toughest one, I could say two words in English but not together. It was like smoke signal in the beginning. I started to listen to videos and radio stations and try to expose myself, and I explained to the customer, ‘Hey, Mr. Customer, I’ll be doing my very best to explain to you what I’m trying to say,’ and everybody respected that and helped me.”

Julio’s focus on customer satisfaction and his ability to speak “baker to baker” has been the key to his success. His company is customer-centered, and they prioritize the needs of small and growing bakeries. In Julio’s words, “It’s not that much related to how much money I’m going to make, it’s related to how much money I’m going to save you, how much time I’m going to save you, how much better quality product I’m going to provide you.”

Julio’s inspiring story is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. He took the leap of faith and left his job to pursue his passion for helping small and mid-sized bakeries. His advice to other entrepreneurs is to “take the most foolish step you could ever take as an entrepreneur…the rewards could be very big.” Julio’s company has grown exponentially, and he is grateful for the opportunity to help his customers achieve their goals.

If you are a small or mid-sized bakery looking for equipment solutions, A&A Baking Solutions may be the perfect fit for you. With Julio’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Click here to learn more about A&A Baking Solutions.


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